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Audit of resources provided from European funds

- Are you looking for an independent audit of the correctness of drawing resources provided from European funds?
- Do you want to reduce the risk of any errors revealed by provider of resources or risk of request for return of subsidies?

Accounting of resources provided by European funds has its own specifics. We help to understand this system and properly set up accounting and project evidence. We find any deficiencies in accounting and financial statements before they can be identified by financial control bodies of the Czech Republic and the European Union and before any penalty can be imposed on you.

Our offers:

• placing emphasis on personal approach and long-term relationships with clients
• stable and experienced team
• quick and flexible services
• standardized working processes
• adequate pricing
• ongoing consulting

How is the audit performed:

- We agree on conditions of our cooperation and sign a contract.
- We set up schedule for audit work in cooperation with you.
- We perform screening of the project, i.e. a questionnaire survey of fundamental parameters for the project. It will enable us to adjust the audit process to your specifics.
- We send you the list of required audited documents.
- The auditor's assistants perform tests of randomly selected documents in the company; while the manager check project accounting.
- We prepare a list of necessary additions to the audit process.
- The auditor verifies the prepared audit file.
- We jointly discuss the draft of audit report and alternatively a letter.
- We present recommendations regarding internal controls, possible improvements and minor imperfections.

Testimonials about us

„Company AUDIT DANĚ CZ s. r. o. audits our project financed from European Social Fund – The improvement of inspectors’ activities which is realized by the Czech environmental inspection. In one word, our cooperation is excellent. Auditors react quickly and helpfully to all our requirements. During their personal visits in relation to interim audits they are kind and pleasant but very precise and uncompromising at the same time. The project is approaching towards its end phase which we believe will be as smooth as the whole audit.“

Mgr. Hana Škrlová, finance manager of the Czech environmental inspection project All credentials

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