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Our highly qualified specialists with long term professional experience in big 4 company provide comprehensive consulting services at the highest level in these fields:

Business Finance

Our specialists can prepare an extensive study of the primary areas of economy, finance, taxes and assets´ administration made-to-measure our clients so that management of the company gains corresponding information to make the economy of small and middle entrepreneurial subject more effective. The purpose of the business analysis is to improve the key processes in the company, start economic growth, show savings in financing and operations with company´s assets.

The final report contains results of the financial analysis with detailed characteristic of particular items, fundamental facts about risk areas, evaluation of sources, quantification potential savings eventually reserves in profit/loss in previous years including proposal for further steps.

Acquisitions and combinations

We accompany our clients during realization of new acquisitions or dinvestments.. We perform audit of the extraordinary or year end closing in connection with transformations of companies for our clients in this field.

We have experience in project management and implementation. We can pull together all stakeholders (including lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, system analysts) and ensure the whole transaction is smoothly realized.

Internal audit

Our company provides services in the field of the internal audit depending on specifications of our client:

Internal audit:

Diagnostics of functions of internal audit
Support of implementing of internal audit´s functions
External provision of functions of internal audit and specific orders in the field of internal audit
Evaluation of internal controls and informational systems
Description of procedures and drafting by-laws


We offer to our clients to prepare accounts externally at our office or in the seat of our clients and with using of our or theirs accounting software.
Creating of internal by-laws
Consulting in the field of accounting
Setting tax friendly analytical account
Implementation of accounting
Reconstruction of accounting
Verification of correctness of accounting operations
Monitoring of receivables and liabilities
Physical and documentary stock take
Year end closing
Consolidated year end closing
Preparing of data for audit

We offer as well the service of temporary staff help in the client´s accounting department.

We will be pleased to reply to your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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