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About us

Company AUDIT DANE CZ s. r. o. has been providing audit services since 2008. The company was established by Jana Moučková, who passed auditor’s exams in 1999. She is our company dedicated auditor. We have a lot of experience and knowledge how to perform financial audits. We help to get valid information from your accounting systems, thereby contribute to the achievement of your goals. We provide verification that your financial statements comply with accounting and tax legislation.

Benefits of engaging us?

Our team is stable and experienced

Our teams are stable for many years. Our success is based on long-term relationships with clients. Our employees are experienced and trained in all aspects of provided services. Confidentiality of our work and auditor's independence is crucial to us.

We keep adequate pricing

You would pay for professional and expert services price corresponding to the Czech market conditions. We are effective and flexible; therefore you will not pay more than necessary.

We educate ourselves continuously

We regularly deepen professional qualifications and follow frequent changes especially within the auditing, accounting and tax fields. We participate in trainings organized by the Chamber of Auditors and the Chamber of Tax Advisors.

We will monitor legislation changes on your behalf

It is common practice for us to advise and provide new information that concerns you. We regularly monitor legislation updates because we know that it may be difficult to keep pace with the changes and to fully understand frequent amendments to the law.

Auditor´s insurance

We are fully insured as required by the Act on Auditing.

Our certificates

Our staff has received expert certificates from the following educational programs:

We cooperate with

Practical training for young people up to 30 years in Prague

Labour Office of the Czech Republic, regional office for Prague supported 1 job at SÚPM during the period of 1 December 2013 to 30 November 2014 for 23.450 CZK. The part provided from the European Social Fund was 85%, ( CZK 19,932.50) and the part provided from the state budget of the Czech Republic was 15%, (CZK 3,517.50).

We will be pleased to reply to your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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We support:

VOŠ Kolárova
We support students from VoŠ Kollárova during their practical education



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Audit of financial st.
Audit of money from EU
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